Typing is a critical skill because during their lives children will do most of their writing on a keyboard. Exams are also held on computers more and more often. With this course children will learn typing in 30 lessons.

Most courses require students to copy large amounts of text. This is inefficient and boring, so students give up after just a few lessons.

TypeKids is different. The use of an intelligent algorithm allows repetition to be kept to a minimum. Different fun elements will keep your kids engaged. You´ll enjoy seeing them progress with the course on their own initiative.

These are the elements that make TypeKids the best way to learn typing:

Animations Explaining Technique

The correct typing technique is explained with clear animations. The lessons start with the base position for the hands and gradually build up to include more keys. A new letter is added each lesson. A review menu where Instructions can be viewed again at any time is available.

Correct Posture

Anyone who has spent long hours at a desk working on a computer knows it can take a toll on back and neck health. With better posture the chances of having a sore back or neck are reduced. The correct way of sitting behind the computer is emphasized and explained throughout the course.

Earn Coins by Completing Exercises

Accuracy is most important when learning how to type. When children have learnt how to type without making mistakes speed will naturally increase over time. Accuracy is rewarded with coins at the end of each exercise. The less mistakes are made, the more coins are awarded. Coins can be used to play fun typing games.


Key moments in the course are celebrated by awarding badges. This helps kids stay motivated and looking to earn the next badge.

Animated Exercises

To keep doing exercises as interesting as possible animations are used. Every time part of an exercise is typed a new part of a pirate adventure is revealed.

Progress Reports

You will be kept in the loop on how kids are progressing with the typing. Each time a child completes a lessons you will automatically receive a detailed progress report. No need to constantly look over your kids shoulder, you can allow them to progress on their own initiative.

Intelligent Algorithm

The program detects which letters require more practice and changes the exercises accordingly. This way the course automatically adapts itself to the needs of each student. This keeps the amount of repetition necessary to learn typing to a minimum.

Pirate Story

In each lesson a part of an exciting story starring Captain Forty and the young pirate Jack is revealed.

Treasure Hunt

Students have to find items that are scattered throughout the course. Each item they find unlocks a new typing game!


Seven different typing games are available. Games are not only fun, but also serve as additional practice. Only letters and characters that have been taught are included in the games. This way the same game becomes increasingly difficult over time, ensuring that even games that were unlocked at the beginning are still challenging towards the end of the course.

Exam and Diploma

The course finishes with a final exam. Kids are awarded a certificate when they pass the exam.

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