Typing games have a purpose

Our philosophy at is that typing for kids should be fun, so you enjoy learning and do it faster. One of the things we have done to make the typing course more fun has been to include seven different games.


Unlock games by progressing

After each lesson you can play one of the seven typing games, but you have to unlock them first. By advancing in the course you will gain access to new games and, if you get to the end, you will be able to uncover a bonus game.

After each game you will see a score sheet with your points and rank, and you will be able to compare your results with those of others. Can you reach first place? Only the most skilful will have a place in the hall of fame, but it’s still okay if you don’t get a perfect score—the important thing is to keep trying because then you will continue learning, and having fun as well.


The most popular typing game

The most popular game in the course is the Keyboard Jumper, where the keyboard goes crazy and the keys keep lighting up.

The most popular typing game.This game is a favorite because it is not just about reacting quickly. To get a high score you will have to also think strategically because not all the keys earn you the same amount of points. You will have to prioritize.


Video games? Yes please!

If someone asks if you are wasting time with video games you can tell them with complete honesty that nothing could be further from the truth—you are instead practising a new skill.