Is it worthwhile to do a free touch typing course?

From time to time people ask us why they should consider paying for a touch typing course when free alternatives are available. In this article we will explain the main differences between free touch typing courses and the one offered by TypeKids.

Step by step learning and clear instructions

The TypeKids course has a gradual buildup with clear instructions at each step. This is important to ensure you learn the correct technique and type every letter with the correct finger from the very beginning. Free touch typing course offer a good place to do some exercises, but generally lack the combination of clear instructions and methodology.

Intelligent software

TypeKids is the only course that uses intelligent software to accelerate the learning process. If, for instance, the letters E and R are frequently mixed the program automatically includes more words with both letters in the exercises. This significantly reduces the learning time.

Motivation and progress tracking

Knowing how to touch type means that you have reached the point when movements are completely automatic. To reach this point requires quite a lot of practice. By including fun elements in TypeKids, such as games and a story, students stay motivated which increases the success rate of this course.

In addition, the progress of each student is automatically tracked. This way students can see how they are improving which is another motivational factor.


There is a  reason some courses are free. Their costs are covered by advertisers who pay to have their ads shown next to the exercises. In this way, children doing a free course are exposed to all sorts of messages.

Our conclusion is that free programs are good to practice. But for someone who wants to learn touch typing correctly, a professional course like TypeKids is the best choice.