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TypeKids was founded by two guys who never imagined launching a touch typing course.

When we were young typing lessons consisted of copying endless texts in Wordperfect, which was the main text editor then (yes, we are that old!). As you can imagine, this was not the most fun learning experience. We were beyond joy when the course finally finished.

Years later we discussed the most important skills we had learned in school. Obviously the first things that came to mind were reading, writing and math. But, both being obsessed with productivity, the discussion quickly turned to typing. We agreed that that learning to type, frustrating as it was at the time, did increase our productivity and saved countless hours.

Nowadays typing has become even more important. Schools increasingly hold exams on computers and there are very few professions in which people do not use a keyboard on a daily basis.

Still having fresh memories of how boring it was for us to learn to type, we set out to create the most fun course in the world.

Learning to type means reaching a point where movement are automatic. That means a lot of repetition. We have tried to keep this to a minimum by using technology to recognise the error patterns of each student and automatically adjust the exercises to their needs.

We also included lots elements that make the course fun, such as animations, a pirate story and games to keep kids engaged throughout the course.

Now every year thousands of students learn to type the fun way with TypeKids.

We hope you will enjoy the program as much as we enjoyed developing it!

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