Touch Typing
for Kids

Join Captain Forty on an adventure and learn to type!
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“Children learn touch typing without realizing it, because the course is so much fun!”

The TypeKids Method

TypeKids uses adaptive learning and includes a range of elements that will keep your child engaged.

Fun Learning

Participate in a pirate adventure. Discover treasures, earn badges and play games.

Adaptive Algorithm

The program learns from mistakes. Exercises are automatically adapted to practice letters your child is having trouble with. It is almost like having a private typing tutor!

Learn from Home

Learn touch typing from home or anywhere else. Sit down at any computer with an internet connection and continue learning.


You will receive a detailed progress report every time your child finishes a typing lesson. No need to constantly look over their shoulder.

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Learn touch typing in 30 lessons

Upgrade to the complete course for a one-time payment of $99.95. This is automatically converted to most local currencies on the checkout page.

Do you need more than one license? A family discount is available.

  • You also get a one-month trial period after purchasing, with full money back guarantee.
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For schools

A version of the course that has been designed to meet the need of teachers & schools is available. Teaching typing is made easy by:

  • Special reporting module to keep track of each student’s progress.
  • Effortless administration: create licenses and reset passwords in a snap.
  • All instructions are included. Previous experience teaching is not necessary.
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I’ve been so pleased with how quickly Lisa is picking up typing using this program. The other programs she’s used in the past haven’t taught her nearly as much. Because of the narrative format, she is compelled to get to the next lesson – which makes her focus intently on her typing.


I love it! Now I can type with my eyes closed like my Mommy!    

Nevaeh (7 years)

My son used TypeKids and LOVED it. I was happy to watch him increase his confidence and excitement about a very valuable skill.